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Virtue Challenge Laminated Sheet (For Women - Men on Flip Side)


Image of Virtue Challenge Laminated Sheet (For Women - Men on Flip Side)
  • Image of Virtue Challenge Laminated Sheet (For Women - Men on Flip Side)

After many requests, we've made the Virtue Challenge Laminated Sheet! Now you can use a dry-erase marker and fill out the sheet each week!

NOTE: One side has the Striving Virtuous Woman and the other side has the Virtuous Man! Both are included in this one laminated sheet!

The Virtue Challenge goes like this: every week you pick a virtue (you can use the Simply Irresistible lists or any other list of virtues to get you started) and write that virtue down. Under the virtue, you list three practical, realistic, and concrete ways that you are going to grow in that virtue during the week. Beside it, you also list three obstacles that could stand in your way, so that you are ready for them and have a prior awareness of how they might affect you.

Although you can certainly do this on your own, I recommend sharing it with a trustworthy friend, family member, or posse; again, having this accountability and encouragement is powerful. Throughout the week, you can support each other and be there for one another. It is also important for you to see your friends working on different virtues, training for the Game of Life right alongside you. Friends who share life together in this way often forge bonds that can last a lifetime.

Before you go to bed each night, evaluate your day: How did you live out the virtue you are working on? What obstacles stood in the way, and how did you fight back? What do you want to do tomorrow in order to grow in that virtue? At the end of the week, get together with your friend or posse and share how the week went. Be honest, talk it out, and then pick your new virtue to work on in the upcoming week. You may find yourself picking the same virtue over and over again, and that’s okay. Just like a marathon runner, it will be hard in the beginning; but over time, and with hard work and perseverance, you will be amazed by how far you’ve come!

I would love to hear about your progress! Update me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook about how you are doing! Others will be encouraged by you also! We are all in this together! #striving